The Vitamin Packed Soothing Cleanser...

What it is: A soap-free, vitamin packed foaming cleanser with an extremely mild formulation, perfect for problematic and oily skin. Targets Dry and Damaged skin with a perfectly balanced hybrid formulation to protect, hydrate, boost natural hydration levels.


Why you’ll love it: Perfect for those who suffer with sensitive skin, lack of hydration or excess skin redness & acne prone skin or flushing. This firm favourite is used in our professional ‘in-clinic’ treatments across the globe and is used by thousands of Soothing Cleanse lovers at home! Did we mention it’s our best selling cleanser ever?!


Key Ingredients:

  • Polycol Moisturising Complex – Limits loss of Cell Hydration
  • Cucumber Extract – Moisturises, Soothes and Protects
  • Vitamin C – Softening, Soothing and Hydrating
  • Mineral Salts and Amino Acids – Revitalising & Rebalances


  • Give your skin an instant wake-up call with our soap-free, vitamin packed foaming cleanser. Its extremely mild formulation makes it perfect for problematic and oily skin while still offering a super cleanse. The combination of cleansing actives such Polycol Moisturising Complex limits trans-epidermal moisture loss and helps cells retain water. Cucumber extract moisturises and soothes, and as Cucumber has the same pH as the skin, the pulp helps to restore the skin’s protective and natural acid mantle. Mineral salts and amino acids revitalise and rebalance while Vitamin C and Vitamin B are emollient, soothing, hydrating.